Delivery in seconds without disposable packaging
Championing sustainability, we offer a DeepTech real-estate solution, combining infrastructure with a marketplace, to surpass user's expectations.

Altline - delivery system without disposable packaging

Our North Star future 5 times less waste in 10 years.

We disrupt the grocery delivery market

with our delivery in seconds system without disposable packaging

Imagine that you want an apple. You can order just 1 apple & get it in less than a minute.
An Apple is packed into reusable container
Container is delivered via Altline pipe network in seconds
Fully automated delivery system straight to your appartment
Network architecture

We are offering for Developers:

Extra income and contribution in reducing global waste.

For Users: rapid delivery of groceries directly to apartment

and reduced waste from daily purchases

Technology Leadership.
we are setting new standards for delivery efficiency and eco-responsibility.
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Let's build sustainable future together!

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